January 19, 2024

Sensrad Shanghai enters partnership with Tianyi Transportation Technology

Sensrad Shanghai and Tianyi Transportation Technology have reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement

– aiming to jointly create a mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership, leveraging their respective technical capabilities, operational management and market resources in the fields of intelligent perception, cloud control platforms and artificial intelligence.

The cooperation includes domestic and international application scenarios suitable for the respective product advantages in areas such as vehicle-road cooperation, smart cities, and intelligent driving.

Together, we will facilitate advanced transportation technology by supplying our state-of-the-art 4D imaging radar products, which Tianyi Transportation Technology will seamlessly integrate into their system along with a camera to address their IT system needs.

Marcus Hasselblad, Sensrad CEO, comments:

“Product development based on new technology, and the initial phase of a product lifecycle, are challenging processes. I am therefore happy to see that we are moving forward in a good way and also to announce that the official production version of Hugin, will be the first of its kind when delivered to Tianyi. Furthermore, the bond between Arbe and Sensrad, in combination with Qamcom’s strengths in signal processing and radar technology, as well as Gapwaves' expertise in its waveguide antenna technology, will allow us to continue to maintain the leadership with state-of-the-art products in the radar industry.”

Zhao Jianjun, Executive Vice President of Tianyi Transportation Technology comments:

“Sensrad's excellent capabilities in 4D millimeter wave radar technology will assist Tianyi Transportation in providing leading-edge, higher cost performance vehicle-to-road coordination solutions.”

About Tianyi Transportation Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianyi Transportation Technology is a new type of mixed-ownership high-tech enterprise jointly established by the central state-owned enterprise China Telecom, a local state-owned asset platform pioneer investment and leading enterprises in the industry. In response to the national strategies of building a strong transportation country, an automotive powerhouse and digital China, the company actively aligns with the deployment of "shaping new development momentum with technological innovation."

It is positioned as a national-level provider of autonomous driving, vehicle-road cooperative intelligent transportation operation and services.

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