Details. In every detail.

Dynamic 4D radar with unmatched performance and paradigm-changing perception for optimized safety and efficiency.

Hugin D1 highlights

High resolution
Detailed and accurate imaging of static and moving objects in both azimuth and elevation dimension, all in real time.
Total perception
Perception in all environments: rain, snow, backlight, fog, you name it. Our radar maintains its efficacy, providing consistent performance across diverse environments.
Precision engineering
A Gothenburg-based company, we consist of dedicated and highly skilled experts within radar and signal processing.
Object identification
Our technology distinguishes between people and vehicles and enables free space mapping – all while ensuring full anonymity without compromising personal information.

Reveal the world for what it is.

High Scalability

Full support from 76 GHz to 81 GHz
50 cm minimum detection range
Detecting pedestrians up to 300 m
10 cm range resolution

Native resolution

1.25° Azimuth
1.5° Elevation
0.7° separation

Speed measurement

Unambiguous Doppler range:
-44 m/s to +88 m/s
Dopper resolution: 0.1 m/s


100° Azimuth
30° Elevation

Why don't you see for yourself?

Open up the fourth dimension to separate objects in elevation with a point cloud visualizing a 4D representation of the surroundings. New perspectives are unlocked to enable assistant driving, full autonomy, and object detection.

Experience the difference detailed imaging makes, leaving nothing to chance. Detect and reveal the environments in all conditions – on any moving vehicle. Native, with no delay.

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Enables you to detect and reveal the environment in all conditions.

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