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Static 4D Imaging Radar

The Munin 4D Imaging Radar is built on Arbe’s high resolution radar chipset and Gapwaves' antenna technology. This enables a market leading resolution, long range, wide field of view and precise real time object detection. With Sensrad's advanced perception algorithms it has an unmatched support for a variety of use cases within perimeter surveillance, smart city, and traffic management applications.

  • Consistent and reliable operation under inclement weather and dust

  • Elevates multi-object detection-tracking, counting, speed measurement and classification

  • Long lifetime and low maintenance, minimizing operational disruptions

  • Unparalleled resolution enables precise identification and classification of even the smallest objects

Munin – Evaluation sample

Product features

Arbe Phoenix
76–81 GHz
Max bandwidth
1.540 GHz
Field of view azimuth
Field of view elevation
Frame rate
>15 FPS
48x48 MIMO configuration
Virtual channels
>2300 (2k ultra-high resolution)
Target radial velocity
-35 m/sec to +70 m/sec
Detection Range (sensitivity)
Range: 0.2–300+ m
Range resolution: 0.1–0.75 m
Azimuth Resolution (at beam 3 dB width point)
Elevation Resolution (at beam 3 dB width point)
No. simultaneously tracked objects
Mechanical interface
Electrical/communication interface
Power over ethernet



We offer the ability to detect hundreds of static and moving objects simultaneously, in real-time, enabling the opportunity to constantly monitor complex infrastructure-related objects and areas. A wide field-of-view and long detection range at high resolution provides an ideal solution for full-site monitoring and surveillance – even in the harshest weather conditions.