Detect everything,
for higher security.

We offer a 4D imaging radar that can identify and classify people, vehicles and objects to optimize resources and increase security, safety and efficiency.

Improved productivity

Optimize the desired radar parameters in the hardware design for your use case and produce post processing algorithms to maximise Munin's capabilities for your application.

Improved safety

Our radar's high resolution, long detection range, object identification and classification ensures detailed and accurate imaging of your surroundings.

Improved awareness

Our solution brings scalable, 360-degree coverage with the possibility of leveraging simultaneous monitoring of multiple devices.

Engineers working to solve the challenges of the transportation industry, facing tough sensor requirements on cost, availability, weather, and ambient light conditions will find our 4D Imaging Radar an extremely capable sensor in the perception stack.

If your company is focusing on reliability, productivity and road safety in autonomous applications, with demanding 24/7 operation, our 4D Imaging Radar sensor brings unprecedented performance to your operation.

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Enabled by Munin

Object identification and classification
High native resolution
Wide field of view
Perception in all environments

Explore use case.

In the first showcased video, a snow blower in front generates heavy snow mist, fully obscuring an approaching vehicle. Our advanced 4D imaging radar Hugin consistently detects the vehicle as an approaching extended object. In the second video, Hugin radar data is aggregated for snow-covered road surface. The data shows the abundance of features that may be used to estimate drivable area despite the lack of contrast and reliable visual cues from the road edge.

Why don't you see for yourself?

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