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Join the
Radar Revolution

We see ourselves as an enabling force providing new perspectives to challenge status quo and make things better – through detailed imaging.

Why don't you see for yourself?

Our promise

Enable new perspectives.

We promise our users a fresh and innovative way of looking at things and gain a new understanding. Both from a company and product perspective. More detailed information from never explored angles to open up new possibilities and opportunities.

Sensrad is designed to expand one's thinking and offer a unique and valuable experience. We make it possible to see things from another point of view and to be able to see things others cannot.

See the world for what it is.

Sensrad is a spin-out venture from Qamcom’s radar division, consisting of highly skilled experts within radar and signal processing.

Our 4D high resolution radar technology reveals the world for what it is to provide the information needed.


We observe the world around us, seeing the hidden layer of reality that others do not. Through our unique perspective, we uncover insights and revelations, delving into the depths of perception to gain profound understanding and meaning from our surroundings.


Fueled by commitment and passion we drive things forward to advance both technology and ourselves. We push boundaries and overcome obstacles through endurance and the motivation to make tomorrow better.


We thrive on innovation, daring to explore new avenues and challenge the status quo with a progressive attitude that redefines the way things are done.

Our background.

Sensrad is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and is co-owned by Qamcom Group, a knowledge-driven impact-accelerator for well-funded technology projects, and Gapwaves, a technical powerhouse within antenna and radar technology.

Become part of the revolution.

Join our team to be part of the radar revolution, where we enable new perspectives and redefine the future of 4D Imaging Radar. At Sensrad, you'll be at the forefront of innovation, able to work on the product of the future in a progressive environment.