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Join the Radar Revolution

We reveal the world for what it is

– by enabling new perspectives through detailed imaging

Sensrad is a spin-out venture from Qamcom Group’s Radar division and offers a unique imaging radar sensor based on the latest software and hardware technology, including the leader radar chipset from Arbe Robotics.

We see ourselves as an enabling force providing new perspectives to challenge status quo and make things better – through detailed imaging. Our 4D high resolution radar technology reveals the world for what it is to provide the information needed. Our superb and skilled team, with highly relevant radar and signal processing experience is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sensrad is co-owned by Gapwaves - a technical powerhouse within antenna and radar technology.

What we do

We offer a 4D imaging high resolution radar with unmatched performance, paradigm-changing perception and full flexibility that:

Enables industrial autonomy

Works in all environment conditions

Is easily integrated in various fields and user areas

Detects dynamic and stationary objects

Has a wide field of view

Elevates perception algorithm development

What we promise

Enabling new perspectives

We promise our users a fresh and innovative way of looking at things and gain a new understanding. Both from a company and product perspective. More detailed information from never explored angles to open up new possibilities and opportunities.

Sensrad is designed to expand one's thinking and offer a unique and valuable experience. We make it possible to see things from another point of view and to be able to see things others cannot.

Why Sensrad?

The radical radar sensation

To choose Sensrad is to choose ground-breaking solutions that provides new perspectives and make things better – based on client needs.

When innovation and curiosity is important. When you seek out of the box-thinking, a pioneering spirit, outstanding performance and committed partnership. When you want to be challenged, get your boundaries pushed and work with someone that inspires you and offers something extraordinary – a radical sensation.

Our foundation


  • We observe the world around us

  • We see things others do not

  • We perceive and discover for deeper understanding


  • We are committed and passionate

  • We drive things forward

  • We have endurance and motivation


  • We do new things in a new way

  • We challenge status quo

  • We invent in a progressive way