June 19, 2024

Sensrad – a team effort with the aim to reveal the world for what it is through 4D radar technology

Less than 18 months ago, Sensrad was founded with a visionary goal: to create the world's best 4D imaging radar – and enable new perspectives to the market. The company started with a dedicated and experienced team of around 20 motivated individuals. From the very beginning, Sensrad's mission was clear—developing cutting-edge radar technology that could surpass the limitations of current sensors – for better understanding through detailed imaging.

Sensrad, a scale-up from Qamcom, was already making strides in the development of their 4D imaging radar when Marcus Hasselblad joined as CEO. Contributing with experience in high-frequency wireless applications from his previous roles at Ericsson and Gapwaves, Marcus seamlessly integrated into the team. At Gapwaves, he had been involved in business development for automotive radar antennas, which naturally aligned with Sensrad’s technology and products. Working in a cutting-edge technology company, Marcus emphasizes that his main role as CEO is to facilitate the collective expertise and dedication of the Sensrad team, which have been crucial in pushing the boundaries of radar technology and driving the company's innovative efforts.

Marcus Hassleblad, holding the Hugin D1 4D Imaging Radar

Currently, Sensrad has reached a significant milestone: the release of their first product, the Hugin D1 (or “The One” as it’s nicknamed). This advanced radar system is designed to meet the increasing demand for smarter and safer cities and communities. Sensrad's radar can see through darkness, fog, dirt, rain, and dust, providing unparalleled vision that other sensors can’t match. This capability makes it an essential component in various applications driven by automation and AI.

The team-effort leading up to this milestone has been challenging but mainly rewarding, something Marcus reflects on.
“The work we do at Sensrad is incredibly fulfilling for me, my extraordinary colleagues and the work they do enables me to focus on tasks related to everything from operations and business management to technology and company development on a daily basis.

"We’ve managed to create a dynamic work environment that enables us to build the company while sharing in the excitement and potential of Sensrad’s mission.”

Reflecting on the future, Marcus envisions Sensrad playing a significant role in the transformation towards a more autonomous, automated and safer society. He believes the company's radar technology will be an integral part of solutions that combine AI and autonomous systems. One of the exciting prospects is the development of urban intelligent traffic systems where their radar, in conjunction with cameras, can detect and process information at every city intersection. This data will be processed in the cloud to optimize traffic flow and reduce accidents, a trend already taking shape globally.

On a broader scale, when it comes to future perspectives, Marcus shares his thoughts on the evolution of technology and society. He believes that in the next 10 to 20 years, we will see the development of our next species: AI-powered human robots, which he humorously refers to as "Homo-AI." Viewing this as a natural evolution of humanity, Marcus sees it as an opportunity rather than a threat.
“Initially, I saw AI as a significant risk to the world. But as I’ve contemplated it more, I now see the opportunity for humanity to enhance and extend its capabilities. It’s definitely a trend that can come to dominate the future, and we should all keep a close watch on developments within AI.”

Another trend Marcus finds fascinating and believes will flourish is advanced urban transport, especially in the air. He envisions taxi drones, inspired by Star Wars, where vehicles fly between skyscrapers rather than on the ground. This approach is easier to manage than automated ground transport, as it allows for segmentation and operation in a separate layer without human interference – a significant and important advancement for urban mobility.

Two other points of importance that Marcus brings up are managing democracy and investing in green energy.
“I find both critical for societal progress. A robust democracy is essential for addressing global challenges, including climate change. By investing resources into improving democratic foundations and green energy initiatives, society can make significant strides towards a sustainable future, contributing effectively to both humanity and the climate transition.”

"Looking to the future, I’m confident that we will continue to innovate and contribute to the development of a more autonomous and safer society.”

Beyond his professional life, Marcus is deeply fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, spacetime, and relativity. These concepts often occupy his thoughts during quiet moments, reflecting his innate curiosity and passion for understanding the unknown. Night sailing, a personal passion, provides him with a sense of isolation and wonder that fuels his curiosity. The experience of sailing under the moonlight on the open sea allows him to contemplate and find inspiration.

Rounding off the interview, Marcus briefly reflects on the journey thus far:
“The drive that has existed within Sensrad from its founding to the release of “The One”, Hugin D1, is a testament to the collective efforts and innovative spirit of the entire team. The dedication and talent of everyone at Sensrad have been instrumental in creating value and addressing the needs of smarter cities, autonomous vehicles, and enhanced security systems. Looking to the future, I’m confident that we will continue to innovate and contribute to the development of a more autonomous and safer society.”

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