February 2, 2024

Sensrad receives orders for new markets in airports, off-road, and mines

Sensrad starts the year with strategically important evaluation orders for applications in new market segments.

Sensrad will be delivering cutting-edge 4D imaging radar to a global aviation leader, intended for autonomous jet taxiing. This order is an important step for Sensrad as we enter this new field.

Additionally, a prominent player in the autonomous off-road vehicle domain ordered our radar sensor product, aligning with the increasing demand for advanced autonomy in transportation, especially in challenging landscapes.

Finally, a leading company within mining ordered our cutting-edge 4D imaging radar. This acknowledgment reflects the essential role of our technology in enabling mining vehicles to navigate complex environments, detect obstacles, ensure safety, and contribute to overall efficiency and autonomy, with challenging conditions such as dust, debris, and darkness.

Marcus Hasselblad, CEO of Sensrad, commented:

"These orders are proof of the strong interest and a growing demand for Sensrad's technology, offering highly capable perception capabilities, supporting off-road, on-road transportation, and aerial applications. The aviation segment underscores that Sensrad's state-of-the-art technology is essential in numerous applications.”

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