March 1, 2024

Follow-up order from global player within agriculture

The agricultural sector is undergoing a significant transition with a focus on autonomy. Several prominent players in the field are evaluating Sensrad Hugin 4D imaging radar technology. One of these has placed a follow-up order to further assess the technology across multiple potential application areas.

Autonomous and safe navigation in challenging conditions like dust and fog, while detecting and avoiding obstacles within environments containing trees, rocks, and various equipment, presents significant challenges for autonomous or semi-autonomous farming machinery. Our 4D imaging radar technology introduces advanced perception capabilities for automated vehicles utilized in several agricultural use cases.

Marcus Hasselblad, CEO of Sensrad, comments

"There is a significant demand for intelligent, AI-powered, high-performance sensors across various sectors. These sensors fill a gap in the market by offering capabilities not currently available elsewhere. Sensrad adds substantial value through our cutting-edge 4D imaging radar technology. We are pleased by this follow-up order from a key player in the agricultural industry, as it underscores the considerable potential we see in this market."

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