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Dynamic 4D Imaging Radar

The Hugin 4D Imaging Radar is based on Arbe’s high resolution radar chipset and Gapwaves' antenna technology. This combination offers advanced perception capabilities in harsh environments for robotized and autonomous use cases supporting any off-road, on-road transportation and aerial applications. With Sensrad's perception software your team will be up and running in no time.

  • Enabler for true industrial autonomy

  • Highest native resolution available on the market (azimuth and elevation)

  • Suppression of false alarms and mitigation of interference

  • Elevates perception algorithm development

Hugin – Evaluation sample

Product features

Arbe Phoenix
76–81 GHz
Max bandwidth
1.540 GHz
Field of view azimuth
Field of view elevation
Frame rate
>15 FPS
48x48 MIMO configuration
Virtual channels
>2300 (2k ultra-high resolution)
Target radial velocity
-35 m/sec to +70 m/sec
Detection Range (sensitivity)
Range: 0.2–400+ m
Range resolution: 0.1–0.75 m
Azimuth Resolution (at beam 3 dB width point)
Elevation Resolution (at beam 3 dB width point)
No. simultaneously tracked objects



If your company is focusing on reliability, productivity and safety in autonomous applications, with demanding 24/7 operations, our 4D Imaging Radar solutions bring unprecedented performance to your operation.

Robotized vehicles

What we offer is revolutionary, significantly outperforming existing in-service radar sensors. Capable of tracking hundreds of objects in high resolution and real-time, it lays the foundation for object projection, free space mapping and avoidance in any weather situation.

Aerial vehicles

Our 4D Imaging Radar provides real-time 4D object tracking and terrain mapping. Precise distance and velocity measurement can help low flying vehicles to maintain a constant altitude, even when rain, snow, fog, smoke etc. impair visibility.